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Although Lithuania has yet to win its first-ever International Eurovision Song Contest, the show remains the country's most watched and important musical contest. It brings together people, families, and friends, like the Olympic Games or major basketball championships.

With the understanding that the show would reach thousands of viewers on their home screens, we crafted a colorful, vibrant, and lively visual identity for the National Eurovision Song Contest – EUROVIZIJA.LT.

We aimed to visually represent the essence of sound and its dynamic impact visually and conceptually. Just as sound has the ability to travel, reach, and resonate with thousands of people, we designed a symbol that could be utilized, scaled, adapted, and easily recognized across all contest materials.

Hence, the primary logo symbol became a stylized and rounded soundwave, serving as the central element of the EUROVIZIJA.LT logo and visual identity.

Photos by E.Bleževič (LRT), D.Umbrasas (LRT), J. Stacevičius (LRT). Case Study photos by FOKO.
Videos by LRT.


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