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Serious investing becomes approachable

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity

INVL Group companies manage pension and investment funds, present modern investment opportunities, and other financial instruments. They stand out for their creativity and new solutions, but visual recognition was no longer able to convey these qualities. A new brand identity was necessary.

To create a distinctive style we combined a rigorous but dynamic grid and playful illustrations. These assets convey professionalism and responsibility merged with advanced thinking. The grid is the most important part of the visual identity, which could be found in almost every application. It communicates financial accuracy and reliability. A developed usage system allows us to maintain visibility and modify the grid in different applications.

Meanwhile, illustrations help to build a relationship with a customer. They metaphorically and with fitting humor explain the information and give a friendly invitation not to be frightened when faced with complex financial issues. The ink was used to create the drawings, which gives the authenticity for the illustrations, distinguished by a dynamic line, variable thickness, and rough textures. The decision to choose hand-drawn illustrations is a bold step that stands out in the financial market.

The combination of warm and cold color groups and modern Good Sans font unites the identity and creates a friendly tone. The whole brand identity from strategy to visuals conveys INVL's desire to communicate simply and humanly, avoiding formalities or complicated jargon.


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