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Lithuanian National Television creates content for diverse age groups – from children to adults. Yet it identified an untapped realm – teenagers. Eager to connect with this audience, they established LRTU, a platform for teens, by teens, and about teens.

In a digital landscape where many popular content creators lack structure and coherence, LRTU aimed to capture the essence of teenage life – marked by self-discovery and turbulence – all without overshadowing the content itself. To symbolize this transformative phase, we created a dynamic logo that switches orientations. Just as adolescence bridges the gap between childhood and adulthood, we introduced gradient patterns that are as fluid and adaptable as the teenage experience. A vibrant color palette, bursting with lively hues, allows the identity to create unlimited variations of gradients.

LRTU isn't just about teens; it's by them. The channel's identity mirrors the dynamic nature of youth, embracing a colorful and vivid reflection of their lives. LRTU celebrates change by evolving just like its audience.


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