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We are a branding agency that makes good use of strategy, design, and tech to make brands stand out. 
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We're super excited to share that this year, we got to dive headfirst into the wild and wonderful world of the National Eurovision Song Contest. We created a brand identity for that was all about color, vibrancy, and music! And guess what? Our soundwave design got noticed by thousands of viewers right through their screens at home. We're just over here feeling like the luckiest fans ever!
2024 February 21
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Join us at the Tesonet Creative Munchies event on January 19th to hear from our Creative Director, Adomas Jazdauskas. Adomas will highlight the critical importance of standing out in today's fiercely competitive landscape.
2024 January 15
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Our Creative Director, Adomas Jazdauskas, will present our experience with B2B design in Hamburg, Germany at the DDC event.
2023 November 15
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What a weekend, folks! Winning ADC*LT awards is a blast, but this time was extra special with Felipe Rocha & Leo Porto from PORTO ROCHA, James Kape from OMSE, and Cat How from HOW&HOW on the jury. And you know what makes it even better? A post-ADC McDonald’s feast.
2023 October 14
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Congratulations to the clients and the team who made it happen. We are eagerly looking forward to this Friday to see all the winners.
2023 October 09
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Sons & Daughters ID provides a charming identity for investment fund Junction with a Belgian twist.
2023 September 08
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Unlike many others, Junction is concerned not with finding new breakthrough inventions, but with scaling great ones that already exist. The fund's founders believe that this grounded approach is the way to shift energy transition into a higher gear and make actual change happen.
2023 May 29
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Two of the brand identities we did for Vilnius Techfusion and Let’s Casino have been shortlisted for this year Art Directors Club Awards.
2023 April 28
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We present a new visual identity. It’s bright, alive, and young. It’s colorful and constantly changing, just as LRTU creators – teenagers themselves. Full case study soon.
2023 April 21
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We just capped off the year with two more wins — this time at ADCE - Art Directors Club of Europe. Congrats to all the colleagues from Lithuania. A record-breaking 17 wins in total.
2023 April 14
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Lithuanian Cannes Young Lions team – our own Justina & Džiugas. In less than two days they created something special. In June they will represent Lithuania in Cannes Young Lions. Guys, go get that Lion!
2023 March 13
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Marketing consultant Giedrius Juozapavičius discussed this in the "Marketingas 360" show with our Creative Director Adomas Jazdauskas.
2023 February 10
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Of almost 230 entries, just one-fifth made it to the shortlist stage: 39 projects from 22 agencies have been awarded. Both our projects for Contrarian Ventures and Artery won Bronze awards.
2022 November 25
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This time for Let's Casino's new brand identity at ADC Lietuva. Congrats to the team and the client. Complete case study – soon.
2022 October 10
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What better way to announce it than on the big screen in Times Square? 🎉 Seeing our work in the heart of the Big Apple is a pleasure.
2022 September 21
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The Brand Identity: Sons & Daughters ID captures the flow of life with a generative tool for the Lithuanian business center Artery, a new business center from architect Daniel Libeskind. Avoidant of dry, corporate, and static brands seen in commercial properties, Sons & Daughters ID went in the polar opposite direction, developing a generative, adaptable logo system accompanied by abstract 3D illustrative renderings and a vibrant red signature color in an attempt to stand out from the surrounding hues of IT and tech brands.
2021 September 23

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