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Vilnius Techfusion
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Vilnius TechFusion is a city’s initiative to attract talent, investment and solidify the tech hotspot image of the city.

The brand is based on the concept of fusions that occur between different personalities, companies, disciplines, and spark new ideas and businesses into life. Techfusion sought to represent this with a visual expression that would possess an appeal, capable of rallying the local tech community to spread the word about Vilnius around the globe.

We created an ever-changing TechFusion identity, representing the unexpected nature of fusions in the tech world. Different combinations of shape, color, and illustration allow for an infinite number of visual fusions. Even the typography is a fusion of serif and sans serif. To ensure continuity, we employed a custom generative tool that allows visual alterations within set boundaries, ensuring that the brand is always recognizable. Just like Vilnius, Techfusion is alive and with a fresh perspective every time.


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