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Most online casinos share common flaws – they’re cluttered, they have complicated UX, they don’t care about aesthetics, and, most disappointingly, they bend the boundaries of fairness with shady promotions and hidden clauses buried deep in the footnotes.

Let’s Casino set out to fix all of the above with a different approach to online gambling. To embody the spirit of transparency, we transformed the asterisk – the symbol of omission, small print, and doubtfulness – into a star, which became the centerpiece of the brand’s identity. We complemented it with a design aesthetic dominated by a sense of sophistication and exclusivity with vivid colors, refined typography, and refreshing illustration. Illustration served as one of the key elements in providing Let’s Casino with a look that stands out in the online gambling world and swaps cheesiness for class.

Let’s Casino took a fresh and sober look at the online gaming category and created a polished casino experience that manifests itself in all aspects, from security and payments, customer service, and game concepts to visual expression.


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